Daily Wendy Becomes Weekly Wendy?!

No, it's not true. I am sorry to make you feel so. It is true, though, that I didn't come to update my life as regular as I used to be. Simple reason/explanation: My lifestyle changes- I'm learning how to settle back in my usual lifestyle in TW, and at the same time I'm trying to find alternatives for my newly-built habits/routines in the US. To name a few:
  1. I went to Carrefour trying to buy some yogurt for myself, and I stood there, completely lost. Where are all those familiar brands? Gosh, Taiwanese people don't eat those brands I love but eat those local brands with tiny servings?
  2. I was doing a survey and found the questions so hard to answer. a) Many brands are so unfamiliar (they're local or Asia brands) b) We translated so many brands into Chinese, so I have difficulty recognizing them. (Maybe I'll have to google them to verify their identity.....I still have this issue.)
  3. Have no idea what to buy and how much should I view a thing as "reasonable priced." Really, I am so lost. Everything comparatively is so cheap, (for sure) and since there was also some price changes over this past year or so, I need more time to understand if I am really having a bargain or not. (My judgment was criticized by my dad and brother for several times already....)
  4. TV news. We also got a new president and new government when I was abroad in the US. Not to mention all the other things happened without notice. Who is s/he? What is that? What happened? Why did they say so? Jeez I am so lost. I feel like a foreigner.....
I did stay busy on several major things:
  1. ANTI-ALLERGY: As many of you might know, this environment change got me the horrible running nose and sometimes red spots or itchy skin. I HATE THEM! Unfortunately it's more like my destiny that I have to fight with them since I'm back... (Seriously, this is one of the major reasons why I miss Chicago/US)
  2. CLEAN MY HOUSE/MY ROOM: Not only unpacking. (No, I didn't finish my unpacking task yet.) I deeply know that I have to sort out my stuff to fully get my life back to normal. However, 1) I am lazy; 2) There are way more clean-ups to do than I expect; 3) My allergies horribly slow down my pace; 4) Sometimes I resist to face the reality that I am already back. There's (kind of) no return.
  3. JOB-HUNTING: Similar things happen all over again-- revising/submitting resumes, visiting corporate Web sites, building up/extending connections, thinking outside-of-box again for potential opportunities, reaching out to head hunters....
    -Contacted corps: Yahoo! Taiwan, Google Taiwan, Unilever Taiwan, Ogilvy Taiwan, ASUS, 天下遠見, etc
    -Contacted head hunters: Manpower Taiwan, Dynatech Business Associates(DBA)
    -Cambodia 8 sisters吳哥八姐妹
    -Magic 4
    -Ken IMC '06
    -NTU friends + NTUMUNers
  5. HAVE FUN:
    -Watching TV (Welcome back! My Japanese channel)
    -Keeping my Pipi company :)
    From 0904-Back In Taiwan
    -Lots and Lots and Lots of great food~
    From 0904-Back In Taiwan
    -Turtle Island visit with parents: dolphin swimming nearby our boat!!!!
    From 090416-Turtle Island
    -Baseball game with Wooitee, Johnny and MUNers
From 0904-Back In Taiwan
-Interviewed by Phoenix TV鳳凰衛視 for my overseas medical care experience
-Meeting up with/replying emails to existing/potential IMCers
-Listening to speeches
-Giving a talk on my brother's class in NTOU

Oh I am busy. As always.

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