First John Hancock Signature Lounge "Skyscraper" with Tracy

From Post-NU Life- "Skyscraper" @ JHC, $11.50
Maybe this sounds unbelievable, but it is my first time drinking at the Signature Lounge on the 96 floor of John Hancock Center! Luckily I was not alone! I got Tracy Tseng, my NTU classmate, with me! Tracy came to Chicago for a conference and I thus got this wonderful chance to meet her after such a long time. Thanks to her visit and the clear sunny day, I thus proposed to stop by John Hancock for a drink to appreciate sunset and to see the night view of Chicago. Besides those updates we shared with each other, as a semi-local, I shared so many things I knew about Chicagoland with her. At the same time, I deeply realized how much I love this place and how much I will miss this city.

I will miss the Blues, the architecture, the Lake, the River, the cool wind in summer, the Bean, the Park, the shining night views, the random walk, the boat tour, the breeze of freedom, and even the lousy CTA.
From Post-NU Life- Tracy's visit April 1
One's emotion and memory about a city could be this complex. You might not notice it until you have to say goodbye to it for a long time (or for good?) Thank you Tracy for offering me this opportunity to review my city again. :)

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