The Smell- Home and US


I've been back for several days, and spent most of the time at home. Reason? I am ill and I am fighting with the jet lag in every way. Running nose came back to me. My face and body itches, with red dots sometimes. It's so bitter inside of my mouth. I felt lazy in the afternoon when it's time for me to bed if I were in the US (13 hours time difference between Chicago and Taipei). My back aches, and according to my Chinese doctor, my shoulders are tight. I felt mosquito bite super unbearable, especially because I didn't have to worry about this for such a long time already. Oh and by the way, the humidity that made me feel chilly at night and the same humidity that made me sweat in the day time.

But you know, there is something more. I was online checking some updates- couldn't help it. I desired to grab some people's attention, and to talk to them in English. Somehow I refused to unpack, because once things were settled, I would have to admit that everything is so true now. I lost the connections. I officially left.

and I lost you.

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