So Long! Faculty, Staff and IMCers

It is never easy to say goodbye, but it is the time. I went to MTC and Fisk Hall this morning to have a final glance of the school building, and to try meet faculty and staff for the last time. I was very lucky to meet both of the career services angels: Nancy and Caitlin and had a long, pleasant conversation with them. When I got to the MTC building, both "Tom"s, John, Ed and Jim happened to come in, happened to be leaving but still had few seconds to talk, or happened to show up-dissapear-show up again for me to take a photo with.
As for dinner time, Bronwen, Eileen and Michelle came join me with greetings from Lakshmi and Kristine. I truly enjoyed talking to them and sometimes listening to them. Some topics will not be common talks among friends and me after I go back, because they were just "not relevant." Some memories, truly played as a movie in front of me silently at the same time, flew with the background "music" created by my fellow IMCers. By the way, Ann, I didn't forget our phone talk in the p.m. I miss you a lot, too.

It is sad, to realize that this journey really has come to an end. Hugs from Bronwen, Michelle and Eileen were so warm and so unforgetable. I will not forget your kindness and support, and I will always remember to come back visit my friends- those I cared so much, and those kept me in their hearts.

Especially you, Eileen. Especially you. Thank you!

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