Absolutely Not Occasional

If you feel lonely, feel helpless, feel misunderstood, try to reflect on yourself first-
The behaviors, the words, the attitude, and the overall impression you gave to others.
Yeah, you may be right. Things I said might not be all true, for I weren't there most of the time.
But let's say, everything happens with certain reasons, even the so-called misunderstanding.

I could help you, originally.
What I might do now, unfortunately however, is to stand aside, and to wait to cut in- if possible and if needed- when you yourself figure out what was going on in the past few months.
Just as you have already known, to win people's heart and trust is hard, but it's very simple to let them down.
You've done both......Thus you may need much more efforts (than before) to regain your status, which I cannot guarantee at all.

Maybe, good Luck?

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