Go for A Walk

with Mom&Dad in Monkey Hill near our house. But actually it was a long walk! We went out around 4:45, and walked for over 2 hrs till 7. As for the distance, over 4 KM I guess. I found some map alongside the path, but we combined more than one single path to make our journey. Was that tiring? So so. Most of the time our ways were not steep, although at times we'd meet some challenging slopes. Those were fine with us, and we seldom stopped.

We enjoyed the cool wind in the mountains very much! It made us not that sweaty, and made us believe that we've made an excellent choice to come outdoors. Those have their coolers on all day long must be crazy! Why not come out?? Meanwhile, we appreciated the sunset, the rosy clouds, and afterglow. We did not miss the night scenes of course, but that was after we finished the natural path.

This walk was good for my health, and it enabled me to talk to my parents freely and joyfully. We've not done this for a long time. Also, I enjoyed the natural beauty of my community. "How can you find these paths? They're incredible!!" I said. My parents don't know either. It's the Nature itself lead them, I guess. The other thing that in my mind is about him....How I wish to take him here to hit these paths! How I wish to show him the elegant temples! How I wish to sit beside him on the top of a rock, and to be touched by the sunset or the stars, the cry of the bird or the sound of the cicada.....Just, with him.....

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