Familiar but Strange Voice

Dialed your phone number, treambled. "There must be no one home!!" I thought, but you picked it up.
"It's me. You called before?" asked I, and tried very hard to sound calm.
"Oh yes. I called for my brother, etc."
Our conversation did not last long, but it was long enough for me. Not hearing your voice through the phone over a century, I could still easily tell "it's you" when hearing it. However this time, you sound wield to me.... sound in distance....
We talked about "business," and spoke in the formal way, without personal emotions. We are merely business partners(I even doubt whether we are now), but no more friends. Sigh.... How come would this happen....
I C. It was not you on the phone, neither was it me. Two robots anwsered for both of us, under our disguise...

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