Go Visit the Old Home

With my family. We went clean it, make it a better place for meetings, and for being a temporary office of Firewood Scouts.

However, frankly, it's not a good experience to witness our own home, which has kept us company and beared our dreams, lives for almost two decades to be the way it is right now. Dark, Dirty, Wield, Aged. It was quite hard for me to recognize those corners with soooooo many memories, you know? Where sat that little girl doing her homework and talking on the phone at the same time? Where cried that naughty boy who just had heard the sound of the flowing shower water? Where gathered the strange fellows who have loved watching X-files and have hated struggling with nightmares because of its disgusting scenes sometimes?

We moved almost everything around to make the house a totally different place(at least for me, it IS~). It looked brighter and more lovely than it was during those forgotten days. I may like its new style/apearence, yet I'm certain of one thing- It's no longer my old home...It's no more that place I grew up...

My home, the place I call HOME, would forever exist in my mind. As for the building?

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