Friendship Night

Tabioas came to visit my family. He first picked me up to enjoy dinner near our house, and came inside afterwards. We talked about our dreams, our future plans, our lives, and our friends. He's now a man; no more a boy. He talked and thought with maturity, and he knew well what he wanted and what to pursue. It was delightful to talk to him- more delightful than before. Mearly listening to the conversation between Mom, Dad and him revealed his growth, and the efforts he has made. Oh, it's a pity that he's too yough~ And he's dating with a pretty little lady~ :P

Later, Teacher Hung Young suddenly called and told me that she was driving down the 3rd highway, and she was on the way to my house. She would like to come lend me her snow coat for Autumn. She's quite a busy person, and she'll be away to USA from this Friday, won't be back before I leave. Mom mentioned my Autumn plan to Miss Young once, and I went to take some advice from her. Truly, she promised me that she'll find her coat for me, but I didn't take that too seriously- she might just try to be polite! To my surprise, she put that in mind!! How dare me~

Thanks, all my lovely friends.
Thank you for bringing me so much warm sunlight~~

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