Craig on MSN

Unexpectedly met him through Internet.
This, is also a precious gift for me before leaving.

The world is quite amazing. It arranges things in a marvelous way.
He accidentally talked to Lan to get my news, and got my MSN.
He has increasingly become a famous person, but he is- and will be- still the same boy, who I say is my "solemate," for me.
He now lives at an apartment near my old house, where I had lots of sweet memories including phoning him often, writing letters to him, dropping tears for his leaving Taipei, etc. Yet I'm no more living there. The memories will never coming back to life, either....

Still, I'm quite happy to get contact with him in the last days.
I will, thus, get power that is more complete to fight when abroad.

Thank you, Craig.
Thank you, too, my God.

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