Dating & Shopping with Mom

In the morning, we went serve for the Wan-Xing Brownie's Group together. To teach the little girls to fry an egg and a piece of ham for themselves was great fun. Especially when some of them, frightened in the beginning, came to ask for "another try" again and again, group leaders like us were more than encouraged!

In the afternoon, we firstly went for a performance together. It was an achievement performance's "official rehearsal" of a 1-9 grade school (which include the elementary+ junior high). Not too bad, but I'll late write down more comments :P What was more precious to us came later- shopping! I didn't remember when was the last time we went shopping together (shopping for food or in the supermarkets were not included)!
It was awesome :)

We, by accident, went into a shoe shop and ended up spending 10K on 4 sandals. BTW, we got a VIP card with instant discount thanks to our strong consuming power!

Later after leaving that shop when murmuring "we shall stop, we must stop!" Mom passed by KUDA and "searched" for her target- white long pants. We came out with three pants at hand- white, bright pink, and black stripe ones.

"Well, it's really time for dinner. Let's hurry leaving this area," Mom said. But soon she was captured by another cheap slipper, while I noticed the NT99 Omni-Dry clothes. We shall not be too selfish~ so we decided to buy two for Ting and one for me.

On the way heading to our dinner place, mom bought another pretty jean skirt for herself. And then I could finally say- hey! our shopping was done! No more shopping!

True, we spent quite some money this evening.
But it's also true that we've enjoyed each other's company fully- which no money could buy.

I love today.
I love my mom- very much.

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