Ingrid, the "Director" @ Monaco

Ingrid, an Intel engineer went to France for business. But as a person that fully enjoys her life traveling around, she jumped in train and took path to visit Monaco during her leisure hours. "Work Hard, Play Harder!" She's definitely a doer and a believer of this motto

We two met because of the Cambodian trip- Ingrid is one of the "8 group" member and plays the vital role of the photographer, yet we'd rather call her Director Shih. Her photos taken in Monaco looked fascinating!!!!!!

Her Monaco impression was built upon these sorts of things:
  • Formula 1 & excellent sports car everywhere
The one in the right is quite unique for it got the transparent hood. However, all the other "common cars" parked randomly on the street were still breathtaking ones. BMW, Porsche, Benz, Jaguar, you name it!

  • The Nobles, the Rich, and their living style

Monaco is world known in its vigorous Casinos and the rich/high-class living style. Made the example very down close to real life, people's behaviors should be elegant, gentle, and graceful.

It became easy for people to see the sign in the right and to understand the reason they have it there, right?

  • The private yachts, the casinos, and the perfect spot to take them all
Ingrid hiked around 1 hour up the hill and took the panorama for us. Of course, for herself, too.
Her comment for this one was touching,
"It took me an hour for this photo, and that reminded me of our Angkor trip.
But this time, you were not here......"

Dear my lovely friends, go enjoy her photos in Monaco! And please remember, I always got the similar thought as Ingrid had in my mind when traveling around:

My trip itself was mostly enjoyable,
yet how I wish you were there as well!

  『星期天一大早到WiMAX的會場(其實就在同一間Hotel)跟大家哈拉一下也到12點吃午餐的時侯。想想有一整個下午free time,真的很快樂。沒考慮多久就決定去摩納哥玩玩,問了火車怎麼坐後,就快快樂樂高興的出門了。尼斯、坎城海邊等過兩天再去。
   摩納哥我來了,F1 賽車!』-by Ingrid

Ingrid's photo Album for Monaco

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