Surprise Tiny Party of Isabel, Even, & Me

Even found me through my notes about Cambodia. She invited me for a meal to share our travel experiences and life. Without second thought, I further invited Isabel to come join us, since she's my travel mate, my long time friend, and we three all know a common friend Vincent.

It was a great night of sparkles!

Even was, as I was told, very energetic and special. She enjoyed budget travel alone or with several close friends, and handled all the planning, VISA application, and hotel booking herself. I saw the real courage and independence I've never had from her. And guess what? when she was talking about what she had done, enjoyed, conquered, or suffered before, no panic was shown on her face. "Life, is just like that- with ups and downs," I read from her expressions.

Besides being a travel lover, Even has her unique living style and point of view:
Became a vegetarian without reason;
Left her "heavenly great" life&job in India when she found herself too much addict to the happiness she experienced there;
No fruit, but big fan of bananas;
Took Chinese herbal medicines, and gave herself acupuncture when needed;
Enjoyed Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, India, and is heading Thailand, Cambodia, maybe Malaysia;
Never had a wallet, kept cards & cash scattered "in her own way";
Host a reading workshop a month a time, where all participants from diverse background shared their comment on various books they read lately, and discussed with one another freely.

Our tiny party, for sure, were very enjoyable. We also talked about our common friend and some other life stories. In the end, we reserved the next party :P

Thank you Even! It's really great to meet you :)

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