The World is Big, yet Small!

I met Dr. Ya-Chung Chang this Monday night, and we discussed about this concept. I was the one who put forth this comment, and once I did, I got a handful of examples popped up from my life.
  • Fie(Denmark= DK) went to Slovenia for European Scout Conference, and she met two Singaporean guys who knew me. (though I really didn't remember them at all... should be any of the visitors ever came to TW recently)
  • Teddi(Iceland= IS) told me that he has planned to hunt for a job and to move to Germany. He's currently working on his German, and hopefully this move will get him closer to the lovely girlfriend Julia(DE). All three of us were KISC Autumn '05, and their story is HERE.
  • Fie(DK) requested me to help for recommending the accommodation for her brother's late June stay in Hong Kong. Since I had no clue about Hong Kong, I mailed Victor(HK) and smoothly got all info they need to know within 3 days.
  • I saw Lena(Sweden= SE)'s website photos and surprisingly found Fie(DK) there with her somewhere in London earlier this year!
  • I kept an eye on Mustard(UK) and Matt(Australia= AU)'s SkiGreenland expedition, and sometimes left comments to cheer them up. The webmaster Robin(Ireland= IR) saw my comments and left one here to say "Hello! I knew your brother Ting because we were Summer '06." Later we extend our connection on facebook!
  • Through my blog, I happened to know two future classmates in IMC, Northwestern University. One girl from Shanghai, China; the other from Beijing, China.
  • Kai-yi(TW) is going to KISC in Switzerland this summer. Before he leave, I've informed my friends who will be there as well, either for short-time helper or long-term, to "take good care" of him.
    • Long-term staff: James(UK), Mustard(UK), etc
    • Short-time helper: Ragga(IS), Fie(DK), etc
The world is big, yet small.

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