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Early May, I caught a cold again. I've taken many many many (I mean MANY!) medicine and gradually recovered from it. However, my life accompanied by medicine won't come to an end soon. My traditional Chinese doctor has started to progress the healing to straighten up my cervical vertebrae頸椎、thoracic vertebrae胸椎、lumbar vertebrae腰椎(感謝留英大醫生林韋地熱情指導~), to normalize my period, to heal my allergy (mainly the nose part), and...... whatsoever!

Don't you think it's easier to have me dumped in a certain factory and "Recycled and then Reproduced"? Sigh...
"When will you go to the US?"
"I have no clue...."
"Pardon me?!"

It's true. I've got two big obstacles waiting to be conquered...
1. About All the Necessary Information
Until now, besides the online admission announcement, I have NO information about Northwestern.
--NO official admission letter to read,
--NO hard-copy documents to read,
--NO reply sheets to sign for,
--NO detailed descriptions about the language course I was required to take before enrollment.
I've phoned NU, and they replied me that ALL PACKAGES were DELIVERED yet DELAYED, for some unknown reason. They've decided to postpone the reply date to May 31, and they'd try their best to get the package to us ASAP.
Oh well, nothing else to do but wait~

2. About Financial Support
Through E-mail, NU requested me to show the financial support of around US$100,000. It was HUGE to my family (and of course to me!), and we've been struggling to find the solution. It was not easy you see..... Otherwise? >"<
People concerned a lot about the date I leave. My timeline set was the end of June, subject to change.
1. If the language courses NU requested me to take will start much earlier.....
2. If something or someone wore me out and challenged my patience.....
3. If I am no longer needed by the team.... (Excuse me, is there A TEAM?!)

As for what I'll do in the rest of time, since our Association has just reorganized- elected our new Chief Commissioner, and as well changed the Secretary General and Deputies- the future of staff team were unpredictable. Seriously, I shall not be influenced thanks to my precise service to the Foundation. But you never know~

The remaining case I should work on includes:
1. Bidding for Tax Education - Junior High and Elementary School part?
2. Running website, website, website
3. Assisting Lifelong Learning Train & Prudential Spirit of the Community Awards
He's fine, happy every day, naughty every day. No matter where we took him, he earned new fans. If that's the place people knew him for a long time, "He's BIG! Much bigger than before" were usually heard.

Week ago we changed his sand into one with fragrance. HE LOVED IT~
But, it ended up became not only his place of covering the waste, but also his "playground".....
Pipi jumped in, jumped out, spread the sand around the neighboring floor and staircase and room and..... >"<

My dad is still his "First Love." Pipi will follow my dad wherever he goes; Mom, on the other hand, earned the position as the "First Play-mate;" Me? Pipi knew that I am also a family member. That's all.....

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