Skittles' New Site Is the Social Web

According to the report from Advertising Age, Skittle's move was not an innovative one, but it indeed exemplified the power and the spirit of social media/Web 2.0. I was confused about one thing though: since all the contents on the site were not provided by Skittle, how did they plan to show the value of the brand, to deliver the brand message to their clients, and many other things that were communicated by a traditional Web site? Also, I have heard some feedback that consumers thought the term of service (acknowledges the content beyond this page is not Skittles content) irresponsible. Any thoughts?

But It Looks a Lot Like Modernista's Online Offering (from Advertising Age)

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The new Skittles website, just out from Agency.com, looks awfully familiar. In fact, it's virtually the same concept as Modernista's website, introduced a year ago.

The site is not really a site at all but an overlay that lives on top of Web 2.0 content, such as Wikipedia, Facebook and Flickr. When you head to skittles.com, you're prompted to enter your age and agree to a terms of service that acknowledges that the content beyond this page is not Skittles content.

Skittles' site on Facebook is the marketer's attempt at co-opting Web 2.0.

The site then loads Skittles' Wikipedia page with a rectangular navigation overlay: Click on "Friends" and it takes you to the company's Facebook page; click on "Chatter" and you're taken to the Twitter feed. The release announcing the site said the landing page will change regularly. While it's Wikipedia today it might be its YouTube channel tomorrow. (The time when I visited, Twitter page welcomed me) ....continue reading...


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Skittles received criticism and quickly responded with changes on site.

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