My Belated Birthday Gift

Can't be better!

Isabel, my close friend who I have known for around 17 years, put all these together. She told me to wait for a "package" with her famous hand-made cards earlier, and she even told me today: "it was delivered! Check your mailbox!" Before I rushed downstairs at 11:00 p.m., Isabel stopped me and sent a link (in Mandarin) with this surprise and her own words for me.

I cried. I laughed. She collected those photos from my current and previous online albums. She gathered those people I hearted, since 10 some years ago to recently. She picked a song that made perfect sense and flew so well with the photos, videos and captions. She deeply knew which few words could move me or make me smile. She knew me, even better than I knew myself.

Thank you my love Isabel. Thank you!

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