Chicago River Turned Green for St. Patrick's Day!

How green? This green:
From 090314-St.Patrick's Day
Jeez, how come? They dyed it. Yes, they dyed Chicago River into this Irish green for one day. Every year, the Saturday before the actual St. Patrick's day, Chicago has the St. Patrick's Day parade and at the same time dyed the river. I did not have the chance to see it myself last year, because I was too busy working on my finals. Luckily this year, thanks to my roommate's invitation, I got the chance to step out and step into the crowd downtown Chicago for the greenest day ever in a year. How green again? This green:

From 090314-St.Patrick's Day
So many people on the street put together all the greenish clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, hair bands, socks, glasses on them for this day. I felt sorry for having no green on me anywhere (I just seriously do not have any green clothes or accessories with me). Coming back to the parade: frankly it was so so. Maybe it was also because my friends and I failed to squeeze ourselves into the front rolls to enjoy it, and unfortunately we were too tiny to see anything from the back end. We did try, and we purely enjoyed the atmosphere to be in the crowd with this crazy celebrations. We also ate lunch at a famous Irish restaurant/bar called The Gage after we thought that we have seen enough parade. My Fish & Chips didn't let me down, but serious NOs for their sandwiches. Some Guinness is good, some Irish Ale is good, too, but watch out for those over drinking pals on the street~

Oh well, I still love this sunny green day :)

About St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago: http://www.chicagostpatsparade.com/

The Gage
24 S. Michigan Ave,
Chicago, IL 60103
Will check photo ID before entry. Have bar and restaurant. Very easy to find across the Bean in Millennium Park

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