Thanks for Chih-Hui's Visit

From Post-NU Life- CHW
Thanks for your impulse visit, I got to explore my city and my town one more time. Also thanks to your visit, I heard SO MANY interesting stories and comments that exist on (almost) another planet. Thanks to your visit, I totally realized that- yes, Aquarius people are freaks who LOVE freedom and crazy adventures!

Good luck for your studies in UPenn! I know you'll never get bored and you'll always find some entertainment for yourself. Keep me updated about your next journey on your blog!

P.S.: Chih-Hui is one of my internet friend. I have followed his blog about his military service life in Gambia for Taiwan since some years ago. He came to the US for study earlier this year and suddenly decided to come visit Chicago for spring break. From the first question "How's the weather in Chicago?" to "Hello I booked a flight to Chicago and will be there tomorrow" happened within 2 days!

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