One Whole Month

Left, maybe. Tick tuck tick tuck.

I used to be afraid of not getting employed before my time expires. Now I'm afraid of something else as well. Both would be unfortunate, while the latter might be even more heartbreaking. The cruel reality is: I cannot control either result. In some sense, I have to take both quietly, regardless. Indeed, the point of no return is approaching. That actually happened in my life for quite some times already- it's no news. It's just..... when I grow older, I start to doubt how many more times can I bear that to tear me apart.

Welcome, March. Welcome, my deepest fear.


chrissy said...

whatever the result,
加油 Wendy!

WendyChen said...

Thanks. BTW, did you hear anything from IMC admission yet? Keep me updated!

chrissy said...

still waiting...no admission decision so far. Many applicants have got their results, I ve no idea if it is a good sign or... Thank u for asking,and Congratulations on your successful interview!

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