Wendy E-News- [581 days of US journey ends on April 7, brand new journey starts since April 8!]

Dear my friends,

I have fought the wonderful battle. Time to go home. I will arrive at Taipei in the evening of April 8 to the world where I can use my mother tongue every single minute. Indeed, I will be home soon.

I based in Chicago to hunt for a job within the previous three months. I submitted resumes onto online major US job boards; talked to head hunters for opportunities; networking with Northwestern/IMC alum; involved in events hosted by Taiwanese American associations; Interviewed for several times; made draft strategic marketing proposals for potential employers; self-training for two intense weeks to pick up my Japanese to prepare for a Japanese interview and luckily got recognized. Although I ended up with nothing tangible at hand due to the recession and to my employment status (non American), I am satisfied with all the sweat and tears I have shed so far. Without any regret.

Supports and encouragement from family and friends were all received, via video chat, MSN, Skype, postcards, SMS or every single creative way. I cherished them all very dearly, and those made me smile. Professors and alums from Northwestern University/the IMC program, classmates and IMC '09s, my generous neighbors in 1121 Church, other MA/MS/PhD fellows in Northwestern who treat your labs as home, NTU classmates and alum as well as NTUMUN folks who are currently all over the places in the US, O'Neils and Mr. Kerry who have taken care of me just like taking care of one of their family members, everyone who I met in all sorts of social events/occasions and then became super supportive to my struggles: This three months were much tougher to go through than I could ever imagine. Without your concern, your shoulder your warm hug, your sincere experience sharing and current situation analysis, the tissue you passed over to me, those dinners and glasses of celebrations...... I have no idea how I can ever look back without having a smile on my face.

I will start another round of job hunting after I go back to Taiwan. My target industries/fields are still similar: E-Commerce, online community, digital marketing. For instance, I will apply for Yahoo! Taiwan and Amazon. Options are as well open for PR/advertising/marketing agencies. As for the location preference: Taiwan and the nearby Asian countries: majorly China (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong), Singapore and Japan. I believe you would understand that these are just some of my initial thoughts. Any valuable opportunities outside of this box are welcomed. So are valuable connections. My only strength is my passion for new challenges and opportunities everywhere. Sky is the limit.

Family and friends in Taiwan, I wil see you later!
Friends in every corner of the world, keep in touch! We will meet again some time in our lives :)



Anonymous said...

what i want to say is
never lose your passion and never give up, as you are such a good girl.
The result comes from the economic crisis I/O ur ability. After getting thru this tough time,you'll be stronger and stronger.


WendyChen said...

Hello Vicky,

I will keep your words in my mind and stay positive in my long journey of life. Hopefully I will really grow stronger and stronger :) Thank you for the great encouragement! Really appreciated~


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