Pedro Played Guitar and Sing for Me, Again

Every time I felt frustrated or down, Pedro always knew the way to comfort me and to cheer me up. No matter how far apart we were: W-Taiwan vs P-Brazil; W-US vs P-China; W-US vs P-Brazil, he ALWAYS could share some words of wisdom to me, or some distant company, or some magic- like a song played and sang by him- to brighten up my day. I still remembered he once quickly learned to sing 寶貝(張懸) within 30 minutes, played his guitar and sang to me while I was so troubled in the office. Another time when I was quite desperate, he also responded to my request by singing that song to me again.

This time, I was frustrated by the never-ending job searching process. Well... honestly, also something else. Pedro listened, commented and suggested solutions. Before he had to leave, he volunteered to play and sing a song for me: "but it'll be in Portuguese." I didn't mind at all~ That sounds perfect and exotic~ When the music flew, the only thing I could feel suddenly is happiness and peace. I felt loved, blessed and calm.

"Wendy honey, please take some pills to ease your headache. And please, don't feel bad about yourself. Don't feel useless. Those are not true. Got confidence in you."

I felt much better afterwards, for I knew at least this somebody cares. And this somebody- gave me a lot of strength to move on already. Magic.

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