Magic Power from the other End

photo taken by Pedro, posted at
Depressed last night, completely.
Through SMS, I tried hard to find Pedro and longed to hear some words, or to hear him gently sing "BaoBei" for me again.
I failed to hear from him last night,
but I got his timely feedback this early morning, by an SMS.

Later in the office, he came online.
Through the earphone, his guitar and voice lifted me up.
I couldn't "talk" to him, obviously because that I was in the office.
Even if I could, I might fail to due to my moving tears....

Office hour was truly awful before his encouragement, especially when all the shitty things that has bothered me last night didn't improve at all yet worsened,
But I smiled, felt freer, and grew positive thanks to what he had done and said to me :)

It was really a pity that it is too big a world.
We seldom could 'talk' online, due to the time difference.
I want to hear your voice, too....

The world is just too big.
Or I would like to keep you company, in a more real way.

You know I love u, right?
Use this power to fight, to live, to work through your challenges!
I hope the world is smaller for me to show you the magic power...

You've shown the Magic power from the other end already.
Better than any other one.

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