Not Really a Good DJ

Chou Nin, the DJ who is responsible for the 7-9PM PRS (Police Radio Station) program was my idol, and his program has given me good memories in my high school years. When Dad drove me to the school every morning, upon hearing his opening song "What a Wonderful World" and his gentle voice, I felt refreshed and had the courage to fight for that tiring day. Recently when I drove myself to work, I happened to find out that besides reporting the traffic information, his broadcasting was SOOOOOOO irresponsible.

He RARELY introduced the name of the songs he played!
Upon noticing this, I further discovered that he kind of randomly played the songs!
  • Whatever the type of the songs were.
  • Whatever they were hit.
  • Whatever they were played timely.
Yap, it was disappointing..... He was my idol once...upon a time.....

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