Toy Share in McDonald

I ordered the meal set for Kids, and got a free toy which I didn't really need back. After picking a seat, I found a little girl next table, around 10 yrs old, and presented her my toy.
"Hello, do you want this one? I don't really need it." said I.
She looked at my toy and replied, "Thanks, but my sister and I already got that one, and we need only a set of the series."
"OK, I see. By the way, is there any other set that you still need? I don't need this toy and neither do you, but I think I can ask for a swap with the clerk."
The little girl took me to the displayed board and pointed at the one she(they) didn't possess. Quickly, I asked for the swap, and handed her the item.
I saw her smile with joy and satisfaction :)

With this little enjoyment of giving, my meal tasted better, and my book at hand smells great.

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