Pipi Our Big Star!!

Some campus journalists from Shih Hsin University noticed Pipi and his interesting story as a school pet/hit in Wan Xing Elementary School, where Mom is the principal. He looks HUGE in the photo, but he's not really that fat~ It was the fault of the little boy hugging him like that....

Anyways, what worth mentioning was that Pipi did create a harmonious atmosphere among the school kids and teachers. Take this boy in the photo for instance, he got Autism and seldom talked or interacted with others. But he got apparent amazing progress since he met Pipi. Mom told me that he came to the principal's office often to look for Pipi, and his attempt to attack others (unconsciously) has been reduced greatly. Especially when people reminded him that "treat others as gentle/nice as you treat Pipi!" he'll follow the remind, and be nice immediately. :)

See, Pipi! You made the world a better place! :)

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