To Fall In Love With.....Adamo

Elegant design, 1.64 mm thickness, excellent performance, 4 hours and 53 minutes battery life, wireless, blue tooth and numerous other attractive elements. This, is Adamo, Dell's new laptop. Thanks to "Dell Targets Fashion-Conscious Laptop Buyer " on Media Post, I got to hear about this new product and went to visit its classic Web site with black-and-white old fashioned yet charming photos. The explore on http://www.adamobydell.com/ was pleasant, because I truly loved the way Dell tried to tell the story. "Encounter", "Discover", "Admire", and "Commit" tags on the top are simple, easy to understand, and gracious. I can clearly see how much the Dell people love this brand while watching the video clip in "Encounter." It is apparent that they all fall in love with....Adamo.

The background music also perfectly flew with my exploration instead of interrupting me while I changed to other pages. If you have a minute, you should also go check its different language versions (choose language from the bottom left side) and observe its slightly different offering across the world. From my personal observation, the US version and the Hong Kong version got different accessories available.

I don't know how well will Adamo sell, but I am certain that it has done a brilliant job in marketing. Let's appreciate it, shall we?
Dell Targets Fashion-Conscious Laptop Buyer
A laptop can say so much more about a person than that they are professionals. With a new sleek design and what the company calls "the world's thinnest laptop," Dell is eschewing the traditional talk of gigabytes and megahertz to appeal to a more fashion-oriented part of the brain with the launch of its new Adamo line of computers..... continue reading

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