iPhone+ Uniliver+ Axe+ (Faux-)Flash = Dirty Night Determinator AND $$

From 動腦雜誌(Brain.com) I first heard about this new mobile marketing campaign. Greystripe uses Faux-Flash technology to display a game "Dirty Night Determinator" on iPhone targeting at male 18-24. According to a survey by ComScore, those who played the game on iPhone became more interested in trying Axe products. (interest rate from 59% to 74%: 15% increase!) For this kind of economy, that IS a great leap!
(Image credit: GoMoNews)

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  • 動腦雜誌Brain.com

    Axe試圖透過非傳統的管道來接觸及打動18-24歲的目標閱聽人。他們決定將成功的網路Flash遊戲「火辣夜要素」(Dirty Night Determinator)移植到iPhone上。.....

  • GoMoNEWS
    The medium rectangle ads – see above are delivered to the phone. The Greystripe ads powered by flash allow instant one click connection with the ads and the use.
    Click through rates
    According to Greystripe following the campaign the AXE detailaer shower gel experienced a 15% lift.

    56% of all respondents that interacted with the phone expressed interest in buying the product - 35% didn't react to the advert.

    Men loved the ad most with a 62% interaction rate expressing an interest to buy.

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