In Order to Become An Expert Blogger...

I'm learning how to use WordPress now, and when I get stuck, I went Google for some learning tools and I found this:

Blogger is easier to start and easier to become a master: check. WordPress takes longer time to get used to it but it's more powerful with many more resources/widget: check..... I also highly recommend the "Import" function on WordPress, because it allows me to import EVERYTHING from a Blogger blog to a WordPress Blog. To be precise, I can actually import multiple blogs I have under Blogger to a single WordPress blog! Hmm... hmmm...

What else to learn?
1. How to use Flickr (yes, I've been a loyal Picasa user for so long)
2. digg? del.icio.us? maybe also MySpace?

The very last comment in the learning process: computer science folks I knew did not even know what is WordPress. I reached some of them to ask for technical assistance and got a question mark back. Sweet~

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