Wendy E-news-[HI everyone! Wendy(TW) is feeling GREAT in Evanston, USA!]

Dear all my lovely friends,

Hello from Evanston, Illinois, USA! How are you? Wendy came here for my Masters degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, Northwestern University, It will last for 15 month from this fall, and everything here is.... so far so good!

Frankly, Evanston is a city that located in northern Chicago. When we need to go to downtown Chicago, it took us 75 mins. by L(the metro system here) when there's no express. During rush hour with purple express, it would be around 30 mins. Before the school started, I was trying to get familiar with both Evanston & Chicago. Evanston will be the main city I rely on (for living, groceries shopping, etc), and Chicago is so charming in its architecture, Jazz, and museums. I dare not to let go any chance to get really familiar with either of them. Also, people say it'll turn cold soon around October, "GO OUT and ENJOY when it's still WARM!!! Hurry!!!"

When I first came here, thanks to a special program arranged by my school, I stayed with a local family in Wilmette for few days. O'Neil gave me a fantastic room to stay, and was really kind to me throughout the period- far beyond my expectation. Joan, the mom, further took me to join an international club to meet other families, which gave me a great opportunity to meet other locals. For instance, they'll have an Oktoberferst party on Sep.29, and I was invited. Stacy, the senior high school sister, also invited me to go join their Halloween in the neighborhood. Sounds great, right?

After I moved into the school dorm on Sep.1st, officially, I started to find the ways and lived completely on my own. Couple of friends had helped me to go for some groceries shopping and to settle down. Now, I can call my dorm "my home~" I'm staying in a TWIN STUDIO, which I'll share a kitchen & a bathroom with another female roommate. My room is newly furnished, and get built-in phone, cable TV, internet services- all charges had covered by the dorm fee. Other facilities in the building include laundry room, playground, conference room, & reading room. Rubbish/trash/recycle systems are also convenient. So, even though my room is not spacious, I'm quite satisfied with everything I have here. I am!

Just as I mentioned, I've go visit Chicago downtown couple of times- days and nights. Millennium Park was impressive, and it successfully reflected the beauty of Chicago's landmarks. To walk down Michigan Avenue, to go across Chicago River, or to appreciate the night view at Navy Pier, to enjoy fireworks......people would easily fall for this city I thought ^^ Additionally, please don't forget its reputation of the Jazz City! I went enjoy the Chicago Jazz Festival one day, as well as a Jazz Live Show downtown!

Last but not least, I think I'll be fine here. Feel free to drop me a line or give me some reminders from your side. All the best to your life over there, too!

God Bless!

Love Always,

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