Wendy Music Story=之廿陸= Save The Last Dance For Me / Michael Buble

This crazy song connected me with two other crazy ladies: Myriam Chemaou from Morocco & Annie Chanpong~ We were Northwestern IMC classmates, and we struggled through the extreme pressure of school projects and more together.
I remembered the days I spent in Myriam's dorm to complain about the insane homework we got, while figuring out the solutions together; I remembered the nights I hid in Annie's apartment to "prepare for the projects" but actually spent too much energy on gossiping or on the good glass of wines she picked. Most importantly, I remembered our LOVE Michael Buble!
When too frustrated or tired, one of us might jump u and say: I got Michael Buble's CD/song, let's play one? And then we might dance with it, sing along with it, and become very childish and silly for a while.
Ah I miss you my silly girls~

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