NetID, Password, and NU Email Accounts

NetID, Password and NU Email Accounts

To better communicate with our incoming IMC students, Medill provides you with your Northwestern e-mail address, Net ID and password prior to orientation. If you have sent in your tuition deposit, you should be receiving a letter with your Net ID (which you cannot change), your email address (which you should not change at this time), your current password (which you must change), and the server hosting your account.

It is recommended to change your password immediately to something familiar to you. To change your password, please go to: https://snap.it.northwestern.edu/it/snaps/unetid.cgi.

If you have questions about your NetID, password or email address, please contact the Email Accounts Administration at email-accounts@northwestern.edu or 847-491-HELP. The Office of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid are unable to provide technical support to your account.

Please be sure to check your Northwestern email regularly, as all NU communications will come through your Northwestern email address.

Northwestern Email Access: To check your Northwestern email account, visit www.northwestern.edu/webmail. Make sure to select the correct server when you log in.

If you will not be enrolling at Northwestern, your NU account information will be expired when you notify us that you will not be attending Medill. Please make sure to notify the Office of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid if you will not be attending Medill.

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