US Life Preparation Update

  • About DC
    • Arrival
      • Booking done: CX+AA, Jul 27 22:25 @ Dulles Int'l Airport
        ticket not yet paid- NT26,800 (before Jun 18?)
      • Pick-up: reserve with WanJung's brother, but how about Super-Shuttle?=>Dino
    • Language Course- Kaplan Washington DC
      • deposit paid,
      • registration done,
      • waiting for I-20 (before Jun 22?)+ AIT VISA interview(when @@)
      • not yet paid
    • Housing: Thomas&Dino's apartment (near Pentagon City Mall)
      • Address:
        **** Army Navy Dr, Apt 3**
        Arlington, VA 22202
      • TEL: (571) 278 ****
      • Fee: appx. USD 600
    • Fly away (DC->Chicago)
      • Booking done: AA, Aug 27, 17:30 BWI-18:55 ORD
      • paid(CreC), USD 59.4, billing info to Thomas&Dino's
      • where to find cheap domestic tickets
  • About Chicago
    • Arrival
    • Health form
    • Housing
    • IDs
      • Student ID: 2471250
      • NetID- requesting.... (Come on! I need it to sign the Housing contract + to find/buy my textbook beforehand!)
    • Packing (Oh...it's too long a story.....)
      • Laptop updated, done,
      • one huge suitcase purchased, NT 3,800,
      • one old suitcase almost packed, 70% (Ingrid will transport it for me to Chicago Jun 27, but where's the destination XD)

Sigh.... Torturous process.....

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