Mom & Pipi

Pipi was deeply loved by Mom, anyone could easily tell that from the photos.

Mom called me downstairs for nothing else- to take photos for her and Pipi.

"Wendy Wendy! Pipi enjoyed this~" this kind of issues were shared, and repeated very often since Pipi became a family member.

Joyfully, Mom shared with us all her findings about Pipi everyday.

"He's really my son you see! Upon my arrival (home), he would answer my call with a "very loud" MEOW~~~ no matter where he was. And most of the time, he was by the gate or on his way rushing down to the gate."

"He once answered my call with two sounds that was VERY SIMILAR to 'MA-MA.' I was sooooo moved at that moment. It was just like.... when I first heard you or your brother call me MAMMY~"

My brother Ting was right.
"It's very healthy and good for my parents to accidentally have a kitty son to accompany them and to create sparkles in their lives.
Believe me, since my sister and I were no longer 'cute' and 'easy to play with,' got a kitty home was tremendously helpful and enjoyable for Mom and Dad."

GOOD JOB Pipi~ Keep going on~
Take care of Mom and Dad delicately for me when I'm away, will you?

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