Save Earth, Save Taiwan 救救地球、救救台灣

Taiwan doesn't contribute much to the global economy, but we do contribute MUCH on the CO2 emission per person.....

Normal people like you and me may not stop our government from establishing the intensive-CO2-emitting industries, however, we can change our ways of consuming energy. By practicing the following steps, many a little makes a mickle, we can stop the earth from warming.

Slightly change makes Huge difference.
  • 不只隨手關燈,更隨手關掉/拔掉充電器、銀幕、甚至電源延長線上紅色的小燈
  • Turn off the light. Turn off/plug off the recharger, screen, even the red little light on the extension.
Check point: 什麼能源在消耗?
Check point: Where's the waste?
  • 晚上關燈後若有看到電器的任何一個部分在亮,都有可能是能源在消耗
  • After you turn off the light to bed, if
      any part of your electronic equipments is "on" (with a red/blue/green light),
      OR, if the devices are still "warm" while you're not using it,                                there must be some energy wasting.
  • 騎機車時,準備好再啟動(暖車時間不用太長),到目的地先熄火再(牽車)停好車
  • When riding a motorcycle, only start when you're ready. (Warm up time should not be too long); turn it off first and then park your bike when arrive.
  • 出門自備杯、筷、袋
  • Always take Cups, Chopsticks, Handbags with you
Take your own cups to Starbucks, you can get NT10 discount for coffee.
Some MOS burger fill
your take-out cups depending on the capacity of it.
(But as you can imagine, if you take a HUGE pitcher with you, they'll refuse to fill your "cup" :P)
  • 其它像走樓梯(不坐電梯)、走路/騎腳踏車(不腳機車)都是利人利己的動作。
  • Take the stairs (but not elevator), walk/ride a bike (but not motorcycle) both help a lot!
Please remind and share the ways to save energy with one another.

Thanks to you, we'll have a healthier earth!

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