Our Little (?!) Pipi

is greatly loved. far beyond your imagination.

Mom scratching him on the head   by the neck   patting.........

Though he's looked BIG already, Mom kept reminding us that "he's just a baby, 8-month-old baby. He's still young~~"

Days ago, we almost lost him when Mom took him to school. Pipi ran out of her office looking for some fun in the campus, but he was frightened by something and chose to hide himself under a canopy by a staircase. He made it to hide from "danger," but his behavior nearly alternated his "originally-very-lucky" destiny. Mom, some staff & school kids searched the campus like crazy. All were praying for his soon return while they were checking the basement, the tanks, the flower beds, the dark corners......

His flurry, big, long tail made Mom discovered him, finally. He was too scared then to response to anyone's crying. Mom took him back to the office, thanking God that we didn't lose him, and told me all the story that night.

That was Pipi's quietest night ever.
"Home~ Home~ Sweet Home~"
He fully expressed his love toward home through his behaviors.

Pipi, I guess it's not only WE cannot bear to lose you, but also YOU cannot bear to lose us!

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