Let's Go for a Bicycle Ride~

I have served as a leader for Mom's scout group in school for some years, and this Saturday, we fianally got a sunny day to go for a bicycle ride~ We've expected it for three years, but every time when we were so ready for a go, it would rain heavily from the day before through the weekend..... Yet,


Around 9, kids riding on their own bikes gradually arrived at the school gate. Their excitement were clearly shown on the face and on their high spirit. We departed soon after a short gathering and the discussion with all the leaders and parents. "Please help to take care of all kids throughout this morning. It's so great that you all (leaders & parents) could come along with us." Mom continued, "We especially need help on teaching those that didn't know how to ride. It's a great opportunity for them to learn today!"

So, shall we go now? Of course!

It's really a great day for the bicycle ride. JingMei River Bicycle Route is pleasent enough for family with young kids to ride safely, especially when it's so windy today. I borrowed a bike to ride, and that was because it would help me to chase after the kids and take care of them. Since it was one with a back seat, it ended that I took a little girl who could not ride behind me to look after the group. We talked on the way, for sure, and she told me
"I got up so early this morning, because I was too excited for today!"
"But you could not ride, how could it be so exciting still?" I asked her.
"I don't know. I guess to go outside of school and have some fun is charming enough for me!"

Dear Mom, I thought we've done something great to the kids. :)

Still, due to the shining sun and high temperature, one little boy almost could not stand the journey. We stopped by some trees and tried to cool him down.

"I was so hot.... I was so tired.... and I was almost left behide...." he murmured, when I used my hat as a fan to give him some extra wind. Additionally, some parents gave him two bottles of water with ice inside to put aside his cheeks, while a dad found a rope and promised to drag him (with his bike) back. I still remembered his burning cute red cheeks, and I guess he'll only remembered the two bottles of ice :P

We succeded our ride and returned to school for a rest. When we thought it should be called a morning, nevertheless, Mom bomped into a handsome boy outside of the school, in his full bicycle riding suit and equipments. He was someone Mom knew. (Remember, the world is tiny!) Mom invited him to come inside for an instant introduction and presentation, and he kindly agreed. So, as magic as the world could be, our kids met a (almost) professional rider with his "toys". What was more, he gave us all, especially the little boys, many surprises when he told us his stories of riding. For instance, he woke up 5:30 this morning and departed 6:30. Till the time we met him, around 10:30, he had finished his 132 KM ride for the day.

"What's your records of a distant ride?" a boy asked.
"263 KM as I could remember." WOWWWWWW~
(please imagine everyone's face yourself)
"What's your next dream target about riding?" Mom asked for us.
"To ride around the (Taiwan) island withing 3 days. (appr. 1200KM?)" he told us in confidence.
This 17-year-old boy officially became our idol after this saying. He was toooooo cool~
Well, let's see how popular he was:

Please allow me to remind you, this is already a half of our kids.

hmmm, with Mom in the left :P

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