People Keep Saying I Look Young

The bank lady asked me,
  "What's your purpose to have this check?"
  "It's my US study deposit."
  "For university?"
  "No, for graduate school."
  "You mean, you're going for Master's degree? I thought you just graduated from high school."

Mandy(who I've known for 5+years) didn't recognize me in the bank when she was just standing behind me,
  "You look so young, especially when you dress like this!!"

In the hospital for NU immunization check and injection, another patient asked me questions about registration, and later asked about what was the kind of health check I was there for,
  "Come on! You looked so young, like 17 years old.
   You must be very brilliant, otherwise you can't be the one go for further study overseas!"
  "Uh....I'm already 24."

HAHA!Thanks Mom! You gave me a lovely look that people easily think I'm a baby :)

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