Housing Application

I've applied for the NU Engelhart Hall twin studio apartment days ago, and they sent me email regarding my status.

1. There's room for me so far
  • contract would start on Aug. 27, 2007- Jun. 15, 2008
    • If I'd like to book for a shorter term room (like for only a quarter), I could do so. But I could not request to extend the contract directly after the end day of it.
  • I got one bedroom in the studio, with a roommate in the other bedroom (don't know who's she yet~)
  • Other things in the studio: a shared kitchen(with microwave), a shared bathroom, new furniture including a twin sized bed, desk, bookshelf
    • I should prepare linens for them if I want
    • I should prepare bath accessories
  • What I also have: Internet! Telephone wire! dorm security :)
    • Let's talk about shortage as well: the room, according to elders, is VERY TINY. Whatever, I just need a place to bed & to cook! As for Party? Go to others' place then~
2. How-to got this room
  • pay deposit USD 300 before June 21, 2007
  • sign the contract online=>done
3. The address & something more
  • (my name)
    1915 Maple Ave. Apt. (my room~ don't know yet)
    Evanston, IL. 60201
  • They can only hold my early-arrived items for up to one week prior to my arrival. The items will be held in the office and I'll need to retrieve them when I arrive.

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